About Us

Secondbrush ,Inc

Being an illustrator and provider of visual development services is not necessarily unique in Los Angeles, but Secondbrush is different in that clients work with the founder of the studio directly. Your project will not be contracted out to anyone else. We are very hands-on and work with you personally to get you exactly want you want.

I fully understand that my clients are unique and as such never take the same approach on any two projects. I tailor my approach to fit each individual client and their specific project. I develop the best range of options and an ideal strategy to ensure that the client’s needs are fully met within their timeframe and budgetary requirements.

When you choose to work with Secondbrush, you will be working with a company that actually listens, has the flexibility and willingness to devote their full attention, time, talent and energy to bring your project to life.

This unique approach has allowed us to partner with companies like Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Animation, LAIKA, Penguin Random House, Cricket Media, Gree/MunkyFun, LucasArts, Naked Sky Entertainments, and Blind Studio.

Secondbrush will dedicate all its resources to bringing your ideas to life. With everything we do, our focus is always on the end goal, working diligently to carry out every one of our projects professionally, promptly and by stretching our creative ability to the limit.

To learn more about how we can help you with our visual development and illustration services,
please contact us by filling out the form below or via email at info@secondbrush.com